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Hostinghelp.co mission

I developed hostinghelp.co to be a guide for business owners, and people a like that have a website, and hosting, but need help purchasing the right products, and setting them up correctly, and establishing a web presence that Google will consider legitimate. 


Main Categories

cPanel Hosting

This is a Linux hosting platform that is the most common among developers and people that are new to website creation.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a hosting customized for WordPress. It includes automatic backups, automatic updates, and staging site capabilities.

Windows Hosting

This hosting is for sites built with Windows specific code; such as asp, .net, etc. etc. Also this has a powerful IIS web server package.

Secured Socket Layer (SSL)

This is a secure encryption to protect yourself and your users. It is required by Google, to be able to be found on the internet an SSL is mandatory.

Wordpress Security Service

Website security by Sucuri

If you have a website built with WordPress, having a disaster recovery plan is a necessity. Also taking steps to guard yourself against hackers is paramount.

Domains and DNS

Finding the right domain is essential when building your brand. Also this section will discuss DNS and how to use your DNS properly.

WordPress Website Design Services